1. How to know whether the product fits my bike or not?
Please pay attention to the FITMENT in the detail description. It details the models fitting for.
Additionally, on the title of the product, we all marked the year suits for Harley.
Please make sure you have chosen the right slip-on mufflers.

2. How about the sound like? Do you have a video?
Yes. Here are our YouTube videos.

3. How about the sound compare to the stock exhaust system?
W/ baffle one is approx 112 decibels. (Stock pipes are 80, and open straight pipes are in the low 120s).

4. Do these slip-on mufflers need a tune or map to adjust the fuel or air system?
For slip-on mufflers, no necessary. If your exhaust turns blue or discolor, it needs.

5. Do these mufflers have a baffle inside?
Yes. You can remove them if you require for a louder sound. The manual instruction on how to remove the baffle comes with the exhausts.

6. Do you have after-sale service support?
Yes. The email address is support@sharkroad.com.

7. Do these exhausts fit for motorcycles or bikes in California?
No. Not for sale to California residents.

8. How about surface treatment? Does the black one with ceramic?
Chromized- Handcraft polishing and triple coating.
Powder Coating Matte Black- Rust-proof and extremely heated.
Ceramic Matte Black- On testing now. Coming soon.

9. How about the comparison between the stock exhaust and the aftermarket one? 

Main Points OEM Exhaust System Aftermarket Exhaust System
Sound Design For Subject to the specific noise level regulations. Bring the time back. Sound like the tradition of yesterday.
Sounds Backlash for over sound levels,
then turns to tame muffler systems.
Deep Rumble Sound. A unique sound that
turned heads and made other riders salivate.
Sound Level 4.5/10 6.5-7.5/10
Noise Level
Applied. Not suit for CA (California Sound Limits).
Looking Style Subject to the budget of the OEM bike.  As will.
Option Subject to the whole design of the bike. Many of Brands, Such as: Vince&Hines,
Rinehart Racing, Bassani, Sharkroad…
Personnality Standard. No personality. Your bike, your land.

10. How about the difference between slip-on mufflers and the whole exhaust system?

Points Slip-ons Full Exhaust System
Your Budget Limited. Infinity.
Sound and Style Better and partial updating. Better and whole fresh looking.
Tuner No need. Requires jet kit or fuel controller.
Effort 20-30 Minutes. More installation work. 
Installation skills As Easy as counting ABC. Professional.
Cost Cost-effectiveness. Expensive.
Performance Not performance-based, but boosted a bit. Whole change and maxmize performance.
Weight Less weight shed. Improved weight shed.
Lean Angel Not at all. May affect Lean Angle of motorcycle.
1. Please can you make sure what exactly you want, what you need, and what you can afford.
2. For full exhaust, tune the fuel system with the ECU(Engine Control Unit) is necessary to get your bike running properly.
3. For full exhaust, you should know the working process of the exhaust system. It's most likely run into some professional problems.